JB San Antonio, TX Housing and Relocation Information

    Housing Information
    Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH) gives active service members two options for housing; living on post or finding a home off-post within the community.

    Once you have orders to move, contact the Housing Management Office (HMO). They can answer all of your housing questions and provide services such as referrals, resolving tenant-landlord disputes, and guidance for entering lease agreements.

    Joint Base San Antonio On Post Housing

    Single Soldiers with a pay grade of E5 or below and Single Airmen ranked E1-E4 with under 3 years of service are required to live on-base in the barracks. Contact your base's Unaccompanied Housing Office for assistance.

    On-base housing for JB San Antonio is privatized and unique to each base. These communities provide a variety of homes in all different sizes and styles, based on your pay grade/rank and family size. Click on the Family Housing link for your base to read more about their home and neighborhood amenities.

    JB San Antonio, TX Off Base Housing

    222 Majestic Oak Dr 4 Bed / 4 Bath / 3,188 Sq.Ft. / $1,300,000 | Home for Sale 15.4 miles from East (Randolph) Gate

    11637 Hollering Pass 4 Bed / 4 Bath / 2,787 Sq.Ft. / $584,500 | Home for Sale 1.7 miles from South (Randolph) Gate

    1210 Oak Path 4 Bed / 3 Bath / 3,478 Sq.Ft. / $2,995 | Home for Rent 12.5 miles from Winans (Sam Houston) Gate

    7807 San Mirienda 4 Bed / 3 Bath / 2,906 Sq.Ft. / $2,900 | Home for Rent 19.4 miles from Winans (Sam Houston) Gate

    4310 Renault Drive 3 Bed / 2 Bath / 1,500 Sq.Ft. / $1,650 | Home for Rent 1.1 miles from Winans (Sam Houston) Gate

    10706 Lake Path 3 Bed / 3 Bath / 1,600 Sq.Ft. / $1,800 | Home for Rent 3.9 miles from Winans (Sam Houston) Gate

    Helpful links for buying a home near JB San Antonio, TX: